I come from a tradition of functional work, and continued to be inspired by the deliberate act of making well-designed forms on a daily basis.  

My motif inspirations include the timeless beauty of the human figure, patterns in nature, and the work of other inspired and creative artists.

 As Manet said, "I am a realist. I paint what I see."

Inspring also are the materials themselves,  a grounded knowledge of what has gone before me, and the limitless future. 

My motivation is to make the best pots that I can, and have those be pots that I love. 

To that end, in addition to my red earthenware clay, I experiment with paperclay, high-fire reduction firing, and any and all materials and techniques that move me forward.


My B.S. degree is in "Re-creation, Art, and Society'" from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois.

I have also studied clay at the Jacob Cramer Centre for the Arts in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Our education in the local pub after class was just about equally valuable to that of our studio work.

After obtaining my undergraduate degree, one of my goals was to continue to paint and draw. With help, practice, and perseverance, I began to combine clay with drawing in my everyday life.